ReadyWarn Online Emergency Alert System

ReadyWarn allows media outlets, emergency management and other organizations to automatically deliver real-time emergency and severe weather alerts to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The entire process is automated and fast, meaning that users of the ReadyWarn service can deliver valuable information to their followers when every second counts.

Online EAS

Broadcasters, emergency management organizations, and the public have relied on the emergency alert system for years to deliver and receive critical information through television and radio. Now, ReadyWarn provides a customizable and real-time service to meet the increasing demand for emergency alert distribution throughout social networks.
How it works

Automatic Engagement

Social networks provide media outlets with a tool to interact with their audience in a way that has never been possible before. An unfortunate drawback, however, is that audiences now expect immediate information during emergencies. ReadyWarn enables organizations to automatically deliver this critical information without delay while the on-air talent or other staff focus on their most critical tasks. Once time is available, the talent or staff can then engage the audience with follow-up information as needed.
Who can use it

Plans and Details

Why ReadyWarn

ReadyWarn currently provides automatic, customizable, real-time delivery of severe weather alerts to Twitter and Facebook. Within seconds of being issued by the National Weather Service, alerts are online. In addition to posting these alerts automatically and within seconds, outlets can customize the format of the messages and add additional information including links or promotional text.

ReadyWarn is designed to enhance coverage of emergency events and provide new opportunities to generate revenue through social media.
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