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The following only impacts Facebook users that have enabled Facebook's Twitter application.

If your Facebook page is using the Facebook Twitter application to automatically post messages from Facebook to a Twitter account, please note that that there is a known issue in which Facebook may block some messages from being posted to a wall if it thinks that the message already exists on Twitter even if your account didn't post it. This is a bug in the Facebook platform and we have made multiple requests to have this issue resolved. The only solution that has been provided to us is to make sure that the Facebook Twitter application isn't enabled for the page that ReadyWarn is posting alerts to. You may determine if the Facebook Twitter application is installed by logging into Facebook with an account that has admin rights to the page and then visit If you see that the application is enabled for your page, it will be necessary to determine how you would like to move forward. If you require the ability to post messages to multiple platforms, we suggest using tools such as HootSuite ( which allow users to post a single message to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously.

If you are posting alerts to a personal Facebook account (not a page), there is a limit of 24 posts in 24 hours from each application. This is a limit imposed by Facebook. Essentially this means that anything after the 24th post in a 24 hour period from ReadyWarn would fail to go through. This limitation doesn't exist when posting to pages though. Depending on how many alerts you expect to be posting, this may not be an issue.