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Setting up a ReadyWarn account is fast and easy. Start by click the signup link below. Once you have entered your organization's information, select a plan and enter your billing information. You will immediately have access to the ReadyWarn Portal. After logging in, you will connect ReadyWarn to your social media accounts, customize the alert message formats, and finally select the counties and events that you want to monitor.

Plans and Details

Pinpoint: COMING SOON! Deliver alerts for your location's actual address. If you operate a public facility such as a park or campground, provide your address and we will only post alerts if the warning includes your actual location.

Hometown: The Hometown plan is designed for media outlets with smaller coverage areas or for emergency management offices that need to deliver alerts for up to two locations.

Local: The Local plan was made to fit the needs of most TV and radio stations. Outlets can monitor events for up to 50 counties.

Regional: Some organizations may want to provide alerts for an entire region. The Regional plan provides coverage for up to 500 counties.

Unlimited: CALL TO SIGNUP. For outlets that want to deliver alerts for more than a specific region, the Unlimited plan allows for the monitoring of an unlimited number of counties and events. If you are interested in an unlimited account, please contact us for more information.

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Each plan allows you to monitor all available event types and you may change the counties and events that you monitor at any time.